Gabriel Iglesias' health scare; ‘Fluffy’ leaves hospital assuring fans he's ok - National Celebrity Headlines

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias gave his fans a real fright on Wednesday when he showed off his location. The comedian who is known for his over the top humor was in a hospital room hooked up to monitors and looking into the camera. At first glance it was obvious something was wrong, but the fans didn't know what. Hoping to let everyone know the situation Fluffy posted a message for the fans.

"Just left the hospital..Had a little scare but I'm ok," wrote Gabriel Iglesias on his official Facebook page. The comedian didn't share what his ailment was and focused only on how he was doing after the scare, but the image definitely left an impression on the fans.

Fluffy is known for working the circuit and has to be one of the few comedians currently on the road to have worked in all fifty states. Sharing his gift to make the fans laugh in every state, it requires plenty of travel, long days and even longer nights with late shows.

While some of the fans responded that the man might need a vacation, everyone just hopes Fluffy gets well quick as there are plenty of cakes at his next gig waiting for him.

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